Friday, June 6, 2008

Scalloped Frames & a FREE sample !!

I am always looking for frames so I made this package in a style that I love!!

20 scalloped frames each with a unique pattern or texture. You will find frames made of paper, wood, glitter, acrylic and more!! Each frame has an inner border that will add depth and interest to your photos. There is a mini 'lifted' tag with staple included in this package as a bonus.

$3.00 .....on sale for only $2.25 through midnight Sunday June 8th !!

Here is a sample frame for you. This one is not included in the package :)


My Special Men and a FREE sample!!

Here are a couple layouts made using my new ' My Special Men' kit.

My Special Men

This kit was made with Fathers Day in mind. It is chalk full of greens, blues and purples and includes lots of 'manly' embellishments.

12 textures papers. 1 gold skeleton key, 1 ribbon with embellishment, 2 tied ribbons, 2 tags with strings, 2 paint strokes, 2 metalic round frame, 1 arrow, 5 plain brads, 1 star flourish, 2 stitched buttons, 3 tied bows, 1 folded crossword strip, 2 embellished, folded flowers, 1 embellished torn paper frame, 1 border cluster, 1 glittery swirl, 5 brads with word art, 1 chain page border, 5 torn paper frames

$4.00......on sale for only $3.00 through midnight, Sunday June 8th !!

Here is a kwikpage for you made using this kit :)


Celebrate Your Day and a FREE sample !!

I have been busy doing some redecorating and have not done much designing lately, but I finally found some time to finish some projects I have been working on for awhile :)

Here is a layout by twirlyjoy using my new 'Celebrate Your Day' kit :)

Celebrate Your Day

Celebrate your day and save your memories on pages using this fun, colourful birthday kit!


A brown paper tag alpha including numbers, punctuation and strings, 10 textured, patterned papers, 7 balloons, 1 balloon bouquet tied with ribbon, 3 bling rings, 1 butterfly charm, 1 rainbow charm, 1 string, 2 beaded strings, 2 journaling papers, 2 thought bubbles, 2 multi scoop icecream cones, 1 frayed and stitched, 2 single scoop icecream cones, 1 frayed and stitched, 2 cupcakes, 1 frayed and stitched, 8 tied bows, 4 glittery flourishes, 2 Happy Birthday word art, 1 embellished cardboard frame, 3 borders, 3 buttons with stitches, 1 calendar with date marker

$4.00 ... on sale for only $3.00 through midnight Sunday June 8th .

Here is a kwikpage for you made from this kit :)